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The History of Chester Discover the Story of Our Beautiful City and Building

Friday, 19 August 2022
sept 2020 lr
At The Chester Grosvenor, we’re looking forward to welcoming you for a luxury break. 

We have a variety of stunning bedrooms available, along with restaurants with expertly crafted menus and charming reception rooms, all designed to enhance your experience and create an unforgettable stay.

Ahead of your visit, why not discover more about the rich history of Chester?

We’re fascinated by the city’s diverse and interesting story; keep reading to find out more:

The History of Chester: The Chester Grosvenor

Located in the heart of Chester, the hotel dates back to 1865 - but the site has been home to an inn since the sixteenth century.

Now, the imposing building - which boasts a Tudor style, with a black and white half-timbered frame - stands proudly as a beautiful centrepiece for the city. Grade II listed, you can  find it by the Eastgate Clock, which was built for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. We’re also just a stone's throw from the classic Victorian gothic-style town hall.

If you’re visiting The Chester Grosvenor, we would highly recommend taking a tour of the city, to explore your surroundings and help you fully appreciate its beauty.

The History of Chester: The City Walls

Many cities in Britain feature circular walls around the perimeter, which have, over the years, fallen to ruin. Chester’s city walls are the most complete left in the country, offering a two mile walk of spectacular views of the city on one side, and unrivalled views of the Welsh mountains in the distance on the other. 

The city walls are a wonderful way to view Chester, and offer a unique exploration of its long and winding history.

The History of Chester: About the City

Before becoming the vibrant, modern city it is today, Chester was originally a Roman settlement in the first century AD. The Vikings then attacked during the Dark Ages and claimed the land. In 1066, the Normans conquered Britain, where William I appointed the first Earl of Chester, who began the construction of Chester Castle.

During the Middle Ages, Chester became a trading port. It was during this time that the Chester Rows were built. The rows are unique two-tier medieval galleries of shops that still stand today, so be sure to visit them during your stay. 

The port had disappeared by the Georgian times, but you can still see parts of the original quay near the racecourse. The Victorians then made their mark on the city, constructing gothic-style buildings. 

Chester, as you see it now, is testament to its extensive history; the city is peppered with relics of its past. For example, you can see some Roman ruins, and artefacts recovered from the Roman Deva fortress, in Grosvenor Park, as well as the Roman amphitheatre and gardens nearby.

Having stood against the test of time, Chester is now a bustling city, expanded and improved upon with each passing era. It offers a wonderful combination of both history and culture, making it one of the most attractive places to visit in England.

Visiting Cheshire

To help make the most of your visit, and to continue your journey of the history of Chester, we recommend visiting the Grosvenor Museum. Here, you can delve into the city’s past, exploring centuries of culture and architecture.

To book your stay at The Chester Grosvenor, please visit our website or  contact a member of our team

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